Chicken shawarma

October 5, 2023

If you’re craving your a great shawarma plate from your favorite joint, here’s some good news. You can make it at home, and it’ll be even better! Whenever I have some hummus at home, I will 100% be making a Shawarma Plate. It’s so good (resisted putting so many O’s on the “so” here), and so easy to make. I love mixing and matching the different sides that typically go into a shawarma plate depending on what I have in the fridge. My preference is always a chicken shawarma plate!

What to add to a great Shawarma Plate

The components of a really great shawarma plate are easy to mix and match based on what you have at home. Here’s what you will need:

  • Some type of Shawarma, duh. I love my super quick and easy sheet pan chicken shawarma, which is what I teach you how to do in this recipe
  • Hummus. Homemade is always best when it comes to hummus and you can make it within minutes using this recipe and a food processor. But hey, if you are using store-bought hummus, no judgment here. I do the same from time to time.
  • A type of carb. I usually serve my shawarma plate with either yellow rice, or white vermicelli rice, because I always have some on hand. But another amazing option is Batata Harra, which is Lebanese spicy potatoes. So good!
  • A fresh salad. I throw together a really quick cucumber, tomato, and red onion salad with some fresh mint, lemon, and olive oil. That’s my go-to option for simplicity, but you can also make Fattoush or Tabouli and both would be epic.
  • A delicious sauce. My go-to sauce is always a yogurt tahini garlic sauce because of how light and delicious it is. Also super easy to make, I’m talking mix all the ingredients in 2 minutes and you’re done. You can also add Toum which is a delicious Middle Eastern garlic sauce

So the next time you have a huge craving for that favourite shawarma plate, skip the extra fat and extra money and make it yourself at home! You won’t be disappointed. Leave me a review with your feedback – I’d love to hear!